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“Stones Along the Road” – by Robert Kinaga, 2008

I wrote this collection of short articles and poems while traveling on a journey of great despair and discovery. Some were written during a time I was unable to speak with much clarity, challenged physically and emotionally. Writing became the avenue to express what I felt, and allowed me to eventually see the goodness of all that had become.

BobKinaga Stones

Like stones along a road, these thoughts and feelings were laying there waiting to be touched. In my prior life, I walked past many of these with an occasional glance at a few I stumbled upon, but cast aside nevertheless without much interest.

I’ve now gathered these together, and they are my gift with the hope that you discover how remarkable He has made our lives, ordinary as they may appear. I believe you have these stones that sparkle and become the foundation of your story as well, treasures along our strange and unique path to destiny.


Click this link to open a copy of Bob Kinaga’s remarkable and inspirational journal – “Stones Along the Road”