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Rigorous Application of Science
Used to Detect, Prevent, and Cure Head and Neck Cancer

USC Keck School of MedicineThe Mission of the researchers at the USC Keck School of Medicine is to further perfect early detection, prevention, and the development of novel therapies. They will continue to implement strategies employing state-of-the-art combinations of emerging technologies and established protocals, such as:

  • Implementing proprietary micro- and nano- technologies to aid early identification of disease.
  • Assessing cellular DNA to identify new markers of disease.
  • Driving biomedical research to improve the function of the mouth for eating, speaking, and swallowing.
  • Improving methods of radiation and chemotherapy to both enhance outcomes and reduce adverse effects.
  • Developing vaccine therapies to reduce disease recurrence.
  • Promoting outreach programs to drive educational efforts that will improve the profile of the disease.

The “Head and Neck Support Group” is dedicated to assisting the efforts of the Keck School of Medicine’s efforts and will aid them to the best of our abilities.