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The Blair Franks Story – From Surgery to Walking his Daughter Down The Aisle

In Feburary 2004 Blair Franks had intrusive head and neck cancer surgery performed by Keck’s Doctor Uttam Sinha and the surgical support team.

In October of that year he walked his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. And he danced the night away…

In just a few months Blair went from being diagnosed with head and neck cancer, to patient, to cancer survivor, and finally back to full functioning person: husband – father – homo sapien.

The journey was shortened because of the dedicated support of so many. The skill of the surgeons, the efficacy of the treatments, the assistance from the USC medical practitioners/nurses/technicians, and the encouragement of his family. This support and aid assured that, even during the bleakest moments, “hope” and “determination” were never abandoned.

They are the magic elixirs: “hope” and “determination”. Elixirs that can only come from within yet will multiply and “blooms” in the fertile realm that is found in the arms of the support and selflessness of others. Elixirs that will carry life forward.

Never give up. Maintain a sense of humor. The future is assured if you remain positive.
I know this to be true…