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Messages from our CEO and President

Hello and welcome to our web site.

If you are here you are probably looking for something specifically related to Head and Neck Cancer: information, support, product/device recommendations, survival stories, first-hand experiences, knowledge, or insight to what you are going through.  Our goal is to help you by providing patient-to-patient communication on these and other subjects. The key phrase being said is “patient-to-patient”. For we are NOT a medical professional information site.  We are not doctors, nurses, therapists, or scientists, but we have had many medical and healing disciplines that have taken time from their hectic schedules to join in and give a talk, a demo, or actively participate in some way at our monthly support group meeting.

We are, like you, a patient, a care-giver, or a survivor. Please remember that as you explore our site.

However, we believe that we do have much to offer. We have many years of first-hand experience, as Head and Neck Cancer patients, care-givers, and survivors.  Our members have shared their wisdom through their own journeys of Head and Neck Cancer.  We have listened to medical professionals and participated in medical and therapeutic treatments.  We have gone home after surgery/chemo/radiation and dealt with life as it came at us.  And we learned as we experienced each day of life with HNC.

It is those experiences we want to share.  The stories of “the fight” to get better.  “The fight” to our new normal.  “The fight” for survival.

So please, explore the site.  Learn from us.  Ask questions.  But remember to give back.   Give back by sharing your experiences.  What worked … and what didn’t work.  What helped your determination to continue battling.  What made you happy.  What made you stronger.  For together there is a unique strength.  A strength of the human spirit.  A strength that cannot be denied.

G. Blair Franks
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer


Learning that you have Cancer is scary enough on its own.  But not knowing what to expect or how to deal with the issue can be even scarier. Taking some of the fear away from the unknown is truly beneficial to the choices you make while moving forward.

You are not alone. There are many people just like you.  I am one of those many people and I am a survivor of more than 6 years.  At our Head and Neck Cancer Support Group (HNC Support), you can learn firsthand from survivors that have experienced or are even experiencing some of the same challenges that you are.

At HNC Support you can listen as others share experiences and get encouraging help from others just like you. We are also here to help caregivers as they have challenges of their own.  You can voice your concerns, and chances are that someone has been there and is willing to let you know what to expect.

By visiting this website you have taken one of the first steps.  I invite you to come and visit one of our meetings and experience it for yourself.   I am confident that you will be glad you did.

Our motto is, “Together, We Will Make a Difference” and with you, we will.

Joe Lapides
President and Chief Operating Officer