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COMING UP:  HNC Monthly Support Group meets March 2nd at 10am PT Register to join.

Head and Neck Cancer Support HNC celebrated 18 years of support this August

This web site is dedicated to head and neck cancer support. Helping those afflicted with Head and Neck Cancer, and providing patient-to-patient support.

We who came before will do our best to assist those who follow after. If you have learned or experienced something that may help others, please email it to us at or post it directly to our Facebook page

We hold events each year to Raise Awareness of Head and Neck Cancer among the general population and among medical professionals. Read more about HNC Support Programs

Thank you for your support

HNC support group:
Mar 2nd at 10am PT – register

Caregivers support group:
March 9th at 10am PT – register

2024 Head and Neck Caner Patient and Caregiver Symposium

Head & neck cancer patient
and caregiver quality of life survey
Your contribution is extremely valuable

Please take this survey to help us evaluate the diverse experiences of patients and caregivers affected by head and neck cancer. By conducting this study, we hope to bring attention to the factors that affect quality of life at any point during the journey of a head and neck cancer diagnosis and treatment. Your contribution by taking this survey is extremely valuable. We sincerely appreciate your participation in research that may positively impact the lives of those affected by head and neck cancer.

Are you a caregiver? We’re here to help.

We know it can be difficult at times. If you are looking for someone that can offer you some insight complete this form to send an email to one of our experienced caregivers.

Additional Resources For head and neck cancer support

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Online Research

Verifying Online Research
Watch this helpful and informative tutorial from the National Library of Medicine. Evaluating internet health information. How to make sure your online research is valid.


Providing low cost physical therapy to Head and Neck Patients and Survivors.

Download the Head and Neck Cancer Rehabilitation Program: English or in Spanish. Call (323) 224-7070 to sign up.