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HNC Support Programs

The Head and Neck Cancer Support Program has established several goals. Some of the goals are long term and some are short term.

One of the most important goals we have is to Raise Awareness of Head and Neck Cancer among the general population and among medical professionals. With that intent, we hold events each year to give a voice to our mission.

Additionally we hold “social” events/gatherings from time to time. The purpose of our “social” gatherings is more than to get together and have a little fun. It is at these events that we build camaraderie, friendships, and synergies among the individual members of the group.

In addition to sharing and exchanging information to make daily living easier and support each other, this group of patients is also working with USC doctors and therapists to develop a mentoring program for new patients, compile a patient guidebook for what to expect at different stages of the cancer treatment and recovery, and even nutritional recipes are in the works for patients with feeding tubes and who experience difficulty in swallowing.

Think of our support program as a mighty tree where many small branches unite to form a remarkably strong whole. The strength of the entire group is many – many – many times the strength of even the most dedicated (strongest) individual alone.

Join us — help to build our strength — and in doing so help build up your own strength.

In 2012, HNC Support International, Inc. has undertaken to fund four new programs.

1. The Program for Essential Post-Surgical Support

Normally, once the disease is “cut from the body”, patients will be sent “home” to fend for themselves. This means they may NOT heal fully, and may never have the chance to ever re-enter a fully functional life. Nor to ever be employed again. They may remain wards of the county welfare system, possibly for the rest of their lives.

The Program for Essential Post-Surgical Support is designed to assist patients who are undergoing Head and Neck Cancer surgery at LA County Hospital, and who have no health insurance or any means of financial support, to receive essential post-surgical help. This includes the vital physical therapies which restore speech and swallowing, two functions without which it is almost impossible to live.

Through its fundraising efforts, HNC Support International will finance as many candidates as possible to join USC’s exceptional therapy programs. It is our hope that many of these individuals will thus regain the skills and self-confidence needed to live full lives, in the workplace and home, no longer reliant on the support of the county welfare system.

We plan to expand the geographical scope of this out-reach program as our financial resources increase.

2. The Patient/Survivor Handbook Program

HNC Support International is developing an effective Patient/Survivor Handbook for patients stricken with Head and Neck Cancer. This handbook will help the newly diagnosed patient navigate the many intricacies associated with combating Head and Neck Cancer before, during and after treatment/surgery.

3. The Patient/Survivor Care Package Program

Patient/Survivor Care Packages are being created by HNC Support International to fit the individual need of the patient/survivor before, during, and after treatments (radiation/chemo) and surgery. Items in care packages have been specially selected by other patients/survivors who have experienced the effectiveness and benefits of the products. Care packages will be provided for free to those in need.

4. The Program to Raise Awareness of Head and Neck Cancer

HNC Support International is determined to raise awareness of the disease of Head and Neck Cancer, to champion the cause of all those who suffer from it, and to provide support for research that combats the disease and improves the treatment and early diagnosis of HNC.