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Gary’s Story, told by Paula, his wife

My name is Paula Talley and this is my husband Gary’s Story.


The last week in April 2017. We were on a trip in our new Motor Coach. We had only been gone 2 days when my husband said he thought he had Strep Throat. We called our doctor, and He called in antibiotics. That was on a Saturday. By Monday my husband decided we needed to get home..he needed to see a Doctor.

On Tuesday April 25th he met our Doctor at the ER. By 11 am we had seen 5 Doctors, with a diagnosis of Stage IV BOTSSC W/Mets to Lymph nodes.

May 2-5 we had teeth pulled, PET scan, Mask made, Chemo Port and feeding tube placed. He started treatments on May 9th. That consisted of 35 Radiation and 6 Chemotherapy. He lost 100lbs and his voice. He sang Southern Gospel and we didn’t think he would ever sing again.

Today, he is NED.

He still goes every three months for scopes and bloodwork. But, he continues daily to improve.

Oh, and he sang for the first time last week. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building. Stay strong as my #dragonslayer #noonefightsalone