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Physical TherapyYour donation to HNC SUPPORT will make a difference in the lives of real people who are struggling to overcome severe health issues.  Without medical insurance Head and Neck Cancer Patients find few (if any) options to provide post surgery rehabilitation or therapy.

We have initiated a program that will allow many HNC patients to become “whole” again.  For instance, we provide free physical therapy to many recently discharged LA County Hospital patients.  Therapy that may be the difference between them becoming a self-sufficient, back-to-work, member of the community – or without the therapy, remain a dependent of Sate-Aid.

Importantly, we strive to use 100% of all donations for patient support.  No person working for HNC SUPPORT receives a salary.  We are a completely volunteer/pro-bono organization.

So, please, we need your help.  Even a small donation makes a huge difference.  And your donation is tax-deductible.

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